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    lindsey reynolds

    Artist and archivist from Atlanta, Georgia

    LINDSEY REYNOLDS is an archivist and oral historian whose art practice is deeply rooted in documentation and preservation processes.…

  • Jason Mena

    Visual Artist

    Jason Mena, is an artist living in Mexico City who primarily works in photography, drawing, and video installation. Graduating from…

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    susan lee quee

    Creative Consultant | Digital Designer | Web Developer |

    I am a visual artist with an interest in Digital Design and Digital Heritage. I am also a part-time lecturer with the Edna Manley…

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    Jiivanii RedMarks

    A Multidisciplinary Artist And Editor-in-Chief Of LLTAMCI- Art Magazine

    A Multi-media Fine Art Practitioner, And Editor-in-Chief at Lucienne Lovelette TheArtMagazine Collection International -LLATMCI…

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    Maria Martinez-Cañas

    Photo-Based Artist

    MARIA MARTINEZ-CANAS was born in Havana, Cuba. She received a B.F.A. in Photography from the Philadelphia College of Art and an…

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    Socrates Sculpture Park

    Socrates Sculpture Park is a renowned outdoor exhibition space and…

    Socrates Sculpture Park is the only site in the New York Metropolitan area specifically dedicated to providing artists with…

  • Jorge Nieto

    Visual Artist

    Visual Artist, engaged with an ever evolving creative process, open to experimentation and consistency. I believe my work speak…

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    Valdívia Tolentino

    Researcher | Independent Curator | Consultant | Fashion Designer

    Valdívia Tolentino was born in the Cape Verde Islands and is currently following a Master Program in Curatorial Studies at…

  • Per huttner

    I am a Swedish artist

    Hüttner's work investigates impermanence as a global principle, especially how ideas of permanence and purity are used to…

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    Michael Massenburg

    Visual artist working in drawing,painting and collage.

    Michael Massenburg was born in San Diego, California and studied at California State University, Long Beach and Otis Art Institute.…

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    Michael Thompson

    A Jamaican Artist and Visual Activist.

    I am a Visual Artist who uses iconic imagery and design to influence and make a difference. My Posters and fine art is a platform to…

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    ODwayne Wilson

    I am a visual artist/designer (card carrying member)

    I am graduate of of the Edna Manley college...I am living and working in Kingston. I Matriculated through the painting department. I…

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    Gretchen Ruiz Ramos

    Freelance photographer, writer, curator

    Gretchen Ruiz Ramos was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1975. Gretchen has experimented with photography since her childhood and…

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    Rosa Naday Garmendia

    Teaching Artist

    What feeds my art making process is my interest in the human condition. Like most artists I am restless and I use the visual arts as…

  • Bill Brubaker

    Washington D.C.-based collector and dealer of Cuba's striking movie and…

    I grew up in Miami, where I developed an appreciation of all things Cuban. Today, my wife, Freddi, and I live in Washington D.C.,…

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    Tanya Haynes

    sculpture, watercolor and public art installations

    Over this past year, international artist Tanya Haynes has brought her unique style of fun fine art to life in Curaçao. Tanya’s…

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    Jo Ferly Joelle

    Artist (contemporary art) - L'Artocarpe, Guadeloupe - French Caribbean

    French Caribbean artist. 15 years in London UK Live and work between London and Guadeloupe. Recent and future exhibitions: •…

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    Kristina Newman-Scott

    Director of Programs, Boston Center For The Arts, Independent Curator

    Kristina Newman-Scott was appointed Director of Programs at the Boston Center for the Arts in 2011. Prior to joining the BCA,…

  • MARITZA PEREZ-BECERRA is a multidisciplinary Cuban raised, Cuban/American artist working with Painting, Installation Art,…

  • Shaun El C. Leonardo

    HERO for HIRE

    Shaun El C. Leonardo blends personal narrative and pop-cultural iconography from his childhood within self-portraiture as a means to…

  • Jose "Chico" Sosa


    Aprendí por el camino, sin saber que estaba aprendiendo de gente como Dennis Mario, Susana Herrero, Pablo Rubio entre muchos otros…

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    Marcel van Duijneveldt

    Visual Artist, Surrealist

    Born in The Hague, The Netherlands, Van Duijneveldt studied arts in Leeuwarden. A visit to the island of Curaçao in 2000 changed…

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    Rebecca Tulloch-Issa

    Aspiring cathartic artist

    "I’m not an abstractionist. I’m not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I’m interested only…

  • Federico

    Visual Artist

    My Name is Fede Gonzalez, Visual Artist and Art director at Vertigo studio. Puma Brand advocate since 2008. Exhibitions:…

  • Annabella Proudlock

    Art Gallery Owner and Artist

    Harmony Hall is Jamaica's leading North Coast Gallery. Housed in an exquisite Victorian building near Ocho Rios, the Gallery hosts…