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  • Bertram Johnson

    I'm a truth seeker, servant of love and righteousness

    I lost my job with major financial institution some years ago, on account of my conviction to "Rastafari". After about seven years…

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    Mark Coetzee

    Program Director, PUMAVision and Chief Curator, PUMA.Creative

    Mark Coetzee is Program Director of PUMAVision and Chief Curator of puma.creative . He is originally from Cape Town, South…

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    Ivanne Farr


    Our organization embraces the Caribbean Islands for education vertically integrating to the marketplace with "PURE…

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    Nadia Huggins


    Nadia Huggins is a self-taught digital photographer. Her bodies of work are often described as emotional and conceptual. Currently…

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    Kingston on the Edge (KOTE)

    An art festival dedicated to freedom, expression and community

    The philosophy of Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) is to provide a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their work that pushes…

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    Patricia Saunders

    Associate Prof. of English University of Miami

    Born in Trinidad, Patricia Saunders has been living and working in the U.S. for most of her life. My research areas include…

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    De Bussy Consult

    Advisors for arts & culture / Festival management / Arts education

    De Bussy Consult works at cultural policy development and highly (political) sensitive cultural projects. Culture and Development is…

  • Clement Hamilton

    I am a poet

    I am a poet, a member of Root Cause, an organisation which seeks to bring Jamaican Poetry to the main stream. We currently hold a…

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    neto meeks

    Freewise fighter Rawyal Afrikan SoulJah of Love, poet of dub Neto Meeks

    I am A child of the Universe. I am Intrested in Life. i am a writer/poet/martial artist, aspiring film maker so i'm very interested…

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    Claire Breukel

    Contemporary art curator and writer

    After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Claire Breukel began her career working for the South African Center for…

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    Visual & Performing Arts Jamaica

    Facilitating Jamaica’s creative industries to further develop their potential

    Recognising the untapped potential as well as the constraints facing Jamaica’s creative industries, the Visual & Performing…

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    Rosie Gordon-Wallace

    Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator 501(c)(3)

    Founded in 1996 Diaspora Vibe (DVG) is a multi - disciplinary art space serving as a laboratory for emerging artists of the…

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    CAG[e] Gallery

    The CAG[e] Gallery positions itself as an outlet for contemporary visual…

    The CAG[e] Gallery is the art gallery of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica. The gallery…

  • David Elliott

    Artistic Director, 17th Biennale of Sydney

    David Elliott is a curator, writer, broadcaster and museum director primarily concerned with modern and contemporary art. Elliott…

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    Romain Chenais

    Independant Curator

    I am an independant curator and art critic from France based in London. I am undertaking a curatorial degree at the Royal College of…

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    Everything SLIGHT Pepper

    Everything Slight Pepper is a Caribbean design studio.

    Everything Slight Pepper is an award-winning boutique design studio based in the Caribbean focused on distinctive design for…

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    Giles Peterson

    Independent Curator working with Post Colonial artists from the Pacific Rim

    Giles Peterson is an independent curator of contemporary urban art from the Pacific Rim. He was born in Papua New Guinea and works…

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    The Long Run

    The Long Run is a fair, honest positive and creative approach to life

    As Long Runners, we strive to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising…

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    Development Synergies

    Business development through strategic analysis, training and management…

    With more than ten years’ experience as a development-oriented professional, I have built up a significant record of achievement…

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    Holly Bynoe

    Visual Artist

    Holly Bynoe is a visual artist and writer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines; she is currently working in New York City. She…

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    lara stein pardo

    artist, teacher, and cultural anthropologist

    Lara Stein Pardo’s artwork, research, and writing revolve around themes of space and place and the complexities involved in…

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    Owen Martin

    Curatorial Assistant, PUMA.Creative

    Owen Martin served as Curatorial Assistant at PUMA.Creative from 2011-2013. In this position, he assisted Mark Coetzee, then Chief…

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    Rita Keresztesi


    University of Oklahoma, Department of English: I work on issues of Black Power in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Jamaica) from the…

  • Trevor Fearon

    Short story writer whose day job includes marketing, communications…

    I'm based in St. Andrew, Jamaica. I've been writing short stories (and the occasional play) for years. Performed as an actor in a…

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    ARC Magazine

    Caribbean Art and Culture Publication

    ARC Magazine is a non-profit publication that was launched in January of 2011 and attempts to fill a certain void by offering a…