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Michelle Eistrup

Firestick is based on a story originally told by an old Jamaican woman, about the murder of her son. When it comes to other cultures, the seriousness of a misfortune like this is often ignored. Firestick attempts to dislodge the viewer of her immediate wish to distance herself with categorization or stereotypes. The film seeks to cast a hypnotic spell on the viewer, to let sound and story work on a subconscious level, through collage, double voices and montage techniques. Firestick collides thoughts and expressions from different cultures: A Danish evening atmosphere versus the gun-laden and only-drive-in-your-car-unless-you-are-mad, Jamaican night.

Director, script and camera:
Michelle Eistrup.
Sound, music and production:
Anders Juhl.

Duration: 7:45 min., DVcam, 2005

The title Rose Hall refers to the renowned mansion in Jamaica. It is the source for Eistrup’s work
and inspiration as it encompasses a double-sided atmosphere of fear and beauty. Rose Hall is one of the most famous landmarks in Jamaica. It lies on a cliff by the coast and represents the height of English colonial power and supremacy.Thousands of tourist travel every year to visit it. Rose Hall is a part of Jamaica’s cultural and official representation. At the same time, Rose Hall is known to have experienced some of the most bloody and brutal incident inside its four walls.

The sound intermittedly changes in between real sound from the landscapes to more abstract and disquieting tonalities. First and foremost, one hears recitations and excerpts from travel books and interviews of people who have been physically assaulted.


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