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Development Synergies

Business development through strategic analysis, training and management solutions

With more than ten years’ experience as a development-oriented professional, I have built up a significant record of achievement with international donors, non-profit organisations and commercial enterprises alike. Through my various assignments in Jamaica, Bolivia, Uganda, Indonesia and Europe, I have acquired experience in strategic, operational and financial management; business and non-profit organisational development; project conceptualisation and execution; fundraising and public relations; monitoring and evaluation. More recently, I have focused specifically on business development and management of small/medium enterprises and non-profit philanthropic entities in Jamaica. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills combine with a natural aptitude for leading change, fostering synergies and motivating diverse teams towards achieving a common goal. I have proven ability to work closely with counterparts at all levels, from private sector CEO’s, government officials, international community and non-profit officers. My self-motivation, initiative and enthusiasm underpin a deep sense of responsibility to deliver optimally on a consistent basis and so achieve maximum results. I have outstanding BSc. and MSc. academic records, and can communicate in Spanish, French & German.

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Glad to see your profile up and running.


31 Jan 2010, 18:29

Re: Development Synergies

Thanks for giving me the link with Claire. I think this is an excellent networking environment.


23 Feb 2010, 22:04

Development Synergies

Your profile is impressive, we here at Intellectrics limited have noted your accomplishments with keen interest.

D. james

7 May 2010, 3:56
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Development SynergiesDevelopment Synergies

Development Synergies