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Danza Contemporánea de Cuba

Modern Dance Company

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, by its eclecticism, is one of the most universal companies in dance panorama world-over, therefore it demonstrates the capacity to adapt and to interpret varied styles, as it exhibits in the wide repertoire, from a pure neoclassical language “Folia”, to an explosive style “Nayara…”, “Demo-n/Crazy”, “Restaurante El Paso”, and “El Peso de una Isla”; contemplative, “El Riesgo del Placer”, or decoding rules of the great spectacle “Compás”, “Carmina Burana” samples of present tendencies of dance.

Comments (2)

Re: Danza Contemporánea de Cuba are a great Company.

30 Mar 2010, 19:05

Calendario en Cuba

Hola, me gustaría saber cual es el calendario del grupo en Cuba. Gracias

3 Jun 2010, 0:33
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Danza Contemporánea de CubaDanza Contemporánea de Cuba

Danza Contemporánea de Cuba