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    d'bi.young anitafrika

    I am an afrikan-jamaican storyteller – dubpoet, monodramatist, and…

    storytelling was taught to me by my mother; she was taught storytelling by her mother. I create art that allows me (and the people…

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    Veerle Poupeye

    Art Historian/Curator based in Jamaica

    Veerle Poupeye is a Belgium-born, Jamaica-based art historian and curator specialized in Caribbean art. She is currently Executive…

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    Rita Keresztesi


    University of Oklahoma, Department of English: I work on issues of Black Power in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Jamaica) from the…

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    Pauline Marcelle

    visual artist

    Pauline Marcelle is a contemporary visual artist, born in Dominica, in the Caribbean. Her paintings are strongly expressive in which…

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    Christian Campbell

    Poet, Cultural Critic, Scholar, Professor

    Christian Campbell is a Trini-Bahamian poet, scholar and cultural critic. He has lived in the Caribbean, the US, the UK and Canada…

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    Alaina Simone

    Creative Consultant, Development Director

    Alaina Simone is a New York-based creative consultant working in the visual arts. She creates and develops programming and…

  • Pancho Rodriguez

    Artista Visual Dominicano

    [ - ] miembro - colegio dominicano de artistas plasticos [ - ] exposiciones colectivas 2011 - VII exposición-feria de arte…

  • GFBC Enterprises, Ltd


    Caribbean Media Amalgamated GFBC is a unique and innovative online multimedia enterprise that primarily targets the Caribbean and…

  • Espacio Vacío

    galería de arte en construcción

    Espacio Vacío, galería de arte en construcción, busca entablar un diálogo entre los artistas y la obra que producen con la…

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    Lloyd Stanbury

    Entertainment Attorney, Arts and Entertainment Consultant

    A pioneer in entertainment law in the Caribbean with over 25 years experience. My business activities have included, research,…

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    Elisa Turner

    Art Critic

    I am an award-winning art critic and journalist in Miami, Florida and the Miami correspondent for ARTnews magazine. Artcentric…

  • Stephanie Marie Garcia

    Artist and Booklover dedicated to progressive change and peace.

    Brooklyn artist and activist for literacy and community programs encouraging the arts. Currently working freelance in artist…

  • Marcus


    interested in cultural funding opportunities, as well as finding out about how culture and cultural and creative industries are…

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    Owen Martin

    British Council

    Owen Martin is currently Programme Assistant on South Africa Programmes 2014 & 2015 at the British Council, focusing on cultural…

  • Carlos Rojas Jara

    Founder of Monte Azul in Costa Rica

    Carlos studied art at UC Berkeley under Bay Area greats like Joan Brown, Silvia Lark and Elmer Bischoff with a focus in printmaking…

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    Fiona Compton

    St.Lucian Photographer/Filmaker

    I was born on the Caribbean island of St.Lucia, from the age of 16 I have lived in South America and the U.K. Venuring to London to…

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    International Caribbean Art Fair (ICAFair)

    ICAFair is a first-of-its-kind art fair exclusively for the…

    ICAFair provides exhibition opportunities to artists of Caribbean heritage and galleries representing these artists. ICAFair will be…


    Professional Visual Artist

    Visual artist originally from Colombia and living in Miami, Florida. Interested in networking and sharing my art. Docent @ PAMM and…

  • Jane Bryce

    I am one of the editors of Poui: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing…

    Poui: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing is approaching its eleventh issue (currently in press) as a leading annual journal for…

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    Dion Palmer

    I am I am Sand.

    I am skilled. So skilled I can't be weighed nor measured, a multifaceted man. I am a peacemaker not a law breaker. I am…

  • Carlos

    Carlos Garrido Castellano.

    Carlos Garrido Castellano Scholar&Art critic- University of Granada (Spain) Department of Art History. Research Interest:…

  • Juan Carlos Zaldivar

    Filmmaker, artist and independent programmer

    A filmmaker and video artist, Zaldívar completed both his BFA and a Masters of Fine Arts at New York University's Tisch School of…

  • Michelle Medina

    Soy Inmensamente rica al tener mis dos tesoros: mis hijos y el arte

    El arte ha sido ese mundo donde todo es como yo quiero que sea. Mis estudios en el mismo se concentran en la pintura y en la…

  • yvana'Arts

    entreprise d'ingénierie culturelle (FWI)

    Yvana’arts Entreprise d'ingénierie culturelle spécialisée dans la diffusion de l'art contemporain de la Caraïbe. Créée en…

  • Raúl León


    La gente, la vida, el espíritu, creer, soñar, destino,correr, gritar, reír, llorar, frenesí, tristeza, impotencia,pintar,…

  • Afromodernisms 1: Re-encounters with the French and Anglo-Atlantic Worlds, 1907- '61

    Conference series held at the University of Liverpool

    In the context provided by Paul Gilroy’s configuration of the black Atlantic as a counterculture to modernity, this symposium is…

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    Ballet Español de Cuba

    Spanish Ballet

    El Ballet Español de Cuba, compañía fundada en 1987 por el bailarín, coreógrafo y su actual director, Eduardo Veitía, fue…

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    Yesel Melo


    Soy graduada de Historia del arte y trabajo para el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam en Cuba, por lo que me interesa el…

  • Caribbean Recording Inustry Association

    A development organization for Caribbean Musicians

    The Caribbean Recording Industry Association(C.R.I.A.) will focus on the development of Caribbean music. The tasks that C.R.I.A.…

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    The Public Archive

    history beyond the headlines

    Interested in disseminating information on the history, culture, and politics of the Caribbean and the Black World using digital…

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