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Dominican Republic

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    Jess Pazos

    Communications manager for Red Bull in CAMCAR

    Communications manager for Red Bull in Central America and the Caribbean. Documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in Puerto Rico,…

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    Art Museum of the Americas

    museum of contemporary art of Latin America and the Caribbean

    The Art Museum of the Americas of the Organization of American States was established in 1976 by resolution of the OAS Permanent…

  • Edwin Stirman

    Art Historian, Critic and Curator

    After many years of rigorous academic hard science fundamentals I meandered through a Studio Art degree, but luckily found my voice…

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    Edouard Duval Carrié

    Visual artist/cultural agent

    Multi-disciplinary artist born Haiti, living Miami. Exhibited internationally, particularly Sao Paulo Biennal, Havana Biennal,…

  • Avantia

    I can begin, I want to persevere, I shall accomplish.

    In my art it's often not about an object but what happens around the object, the rest space. In the remaining space I put an extra…

  • Carolle Charles

    2011-2012 CSA PRESIDENT

    I was born in Haiti. I live in the United States for more than 40 years. I hold a Ph.d in Sociology. I teach at the City University…

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    Isabel Yrigoyen

    I am a music curator

    I work at a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary contemporary arts center in San Francisco, with a focus on visual art,…

  • Ekaterinburg Art Foundation

    Art contests, exhibitions

    Main activities: 1. Design and creation of monumental artworks (monuments, decorative compositionsurban and park sculpture,…

  • The Caribbean Literary and Cultural Studies Program (CLCS) at the University of Miami is a well established institutional space for…

  • Andra Simons

    Writer, Performance Artist

    Andra Simons published his debut collection The Joshua Tales (Treehouse Press) in 2009. His poems have appeared in The Caribbean…

  • Frantz Voltaire

    Writer, Director, Filmmaker

    Frantz Voltaire was born in Haiti in 1948. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History at Universidad de Chili, a Master of…

  • Naomi Dames

    Im a dedicated christian, vcery generous, I like to work, people from…

    As a youth I grew up with a talent for watercolor. As I got older I left my talent for sketching and painting because I didnt…

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    ARC Magazine

    Caribbean Art and Culture Publication

    ARC Magazine is a non-profit publication that was launched in January of 2011 and attempts to fill a certain void by offering a…

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    Elisa Turner

    Art Critic

    I am an award-winning art critic and journalist in Miami, Florida and the Miami correspondent for ARTnews magazine. Artcentric…

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    Roberto N Peyre

    Fine Art of growing and callibrating new senses

    A Royal We, allies ourselves throughout a transatlantic currency beyond master, slave and booty. The point of departure for this…

  • 2

    Alette Simmons-Jimenez

    I am a visual artist working in multiple media, currently living in Miami, FL.

    I was born in the US but have lived in 22 homes in various countries. I received a BFA from Newcomb College of Tulane University,…

  • Tatiana Flores

    Critic, curator, and art historian

    An art historian by training, I am on the faculty of the Departments of Art History and Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers…

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    Clau-clau (Ryuzaki)

    Fashion Designer / Digital Designer and Illustrator

    I'm a young fashion designer, digital designer and illustrator, I love arts and everything about design. I love to create different…

  • Monica Ferreras De la Maza

    Contemporary visual artist, live and work in Dominican Republic

    Mónica Ferreras De la Maza Mónica Ferreras es una artista contemporánea residente en su país, la Republica Dominicana. Sus…

  • 5

    Tony Monsanto

    Visual Artist from Curaçao

    My work incorporates contemporary issues. My paintings deal with the environment, the social structures and the complexitiy of our…

  • Kraemer

    A writer taking care of my Dads Art Castle

    The Caribbean has been my passion since my early childhood. My father has lived here most of my life. I had the fortune to live in…

  • Shaun El C. Leonardo

    HERO for HIRE

    Shaun El C. Leonardo blends personal narrative and pop-cultural iconography from his childhood within self-portraiture as a means to…

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    Nadia Huggins


    Nadia Huggins is a self-taught digital photographer. Her bodies of work are often described as emotional and conceptual. Currently…

  • RILAS, University of Liverpool

    Research Institute for Latin American Studies, Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool is an internationally recognized centre for Latin American, Caribbean and hemispheric Studies. The…

  • Marcus


    interested in cultural funding opportunities, as well as finding out about how culture and cultural and creative industries are…

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    Nelson Gonzalez


    Artista multidisciplinario residente en Aruba. Fundador de Art Rap Foundation/ creador de la Serie Documental San Nicolaas TV,…

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    Caribbean Studies Association

    Largest existing Professional Association of Caribbeanists (Artists,…

    The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) is an independent professional organization devoted to the promotion of Caribbean studies…

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    mark raymond


    i am an architect in private practice in trinidad and tobago.i studied at the architectural association in london and subsequently…

  • GFBC Enterprises, Ltd


    Caribbean Media Amalgamated GFBC is a unique and innovative online multimedia enterprise that primarily targets the Caribbean and…

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    Tanya Marie Williams

    Graphic Designer/Art Director who Paints.

    Tanya is a Graphic Designer/Art Director and Artist living and working in Trinidad at the leading Design and Branding Agency in…

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