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Dominican Republic

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    Iris Perez

    I am an visualartist from Dominican Republic

    Artista visual nacida en la República Dominicana. Realiza estudios superiores de arte en la Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes y la…

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    Visual Artist born in 1983 in the Dominican Republic. Studied in Altos de Chavon School of Design, Escuela nacional de Bellas…

  • Avantia

    I can begin, I want to persevere, I shall accomplish.

    In my art it's often not about an object but what happens around the object, the rest space. In the remaining space I put an extra…

  • Nadia Denton

    Passionate about Black World Cinema

    Nadia Denton was born in London and grew up in a Jamaican household. She studied Modern History at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford…

  • Schebania Cantave

    Artist- Painter-

    Rhythm, value, delight, colorful, fantasies, magic, myth, intuition, unconscious, reveal, perception, response, motif, revelation,…

  • M.C. Hasday

    novice art collector

    interested in and acquiring art by emerging and established artists from around the world. love traveling the country, the…

  • Hermanos Lumiére

    Straight Out Of the Camera. NO PHOTOSHOP.

    Working with different sources of light our purose is to create a world of imagination where fiction meets reality through photo…

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    Marilyn Schanze

    Art Liaison

    Marilyn Schanze enjoys bringing artists and their work into the public consciousness. She is an avid collector and public art…

  • djmrfish

    originally from REUNION ISLAND,the sun is in my heart!

    through the years,i collected music from around the world and developed an unique sound mixing the electronic techniques of…

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    Aurore de Villeneuve

    Free Lance Journalist

    based in Johannesburg , raised in francophone Africa, Angola and Madagascar. Specially interesteded in : . The relations between…

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    Elvis Fuentes

    El Museo del Barrio

    I am a PhD student in Art History at Rutgers University. I served as curator at El Museo del Barrio between June 2006 and January…

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    bienal de fotografia de puerto rico jorge ramos caro

    promote photography in the caribbean

    La Bienal de Fotografía de Puerto Rico es una corporación sin fines de lucro q desde 1998 inaugura sus salas en el Museo de las…

  • LeonidesArts Gallery New York Mr. Leonides Molinar

    Art Gallery of Contemporary Artists of the caribbean and latin america

    Art Gallery showcasing and representing contemporary artists with galleries in Spain, Korea, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Antigua…

  • Enrique Carballea Producer and Manager Right now I work with the cuban singer Haydée Milanés. Her musical work could be…

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    Romain Chenais

    Independant Curator

    I am an independant curator and art critic from France based in London. I am undertaking a curatorial degree at the Royal College of…

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    Alice Yard

    Contemporary art centre and network

    Alice Yard, based in Port of Spain, draws on the long tradition of communal “yard” spaces in urban Trinidad, places of…

  • Edgar Núñez

    Professional photography from dominican republic

    Edgar Núñez is a young Dominican photographer committed to capturing the beauty, feelings, emotions and realities that surround us…

  • Kraemer

    A writer taking care of my Dads Art Castle

    The Caribbean has been my passion since my early childhood. My father has lived here most of my life. I had the fortune to live in…

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    Steve Leon

    Radio Disc Jockey @ 92.9 choice FM based in New York City…

    A free thinker and Radio Disc Jockey @ 92.9 choice FM based in New York City, Events Planner and Antiques…

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    Sasha Dees

    independant consultant / curator / producer

    Sasha Dees an independent cultural producer / curator working internationally in different disciplines. She works/lives between New…

  • Ceramista, escultora, profesora de arte en la Escuela de Artes Plasticas de PR y el MAC, actualmente solicitando para estudiar una…

  • 2

    Little Haiti Cultural Center

    Cultural Center in the heart of Little Haiti

    The Little Haiti Cultural Center, which finished construction in 2009, provides a space that brings together people and ideas to…

  • yvana'Arts

    entreprise d'ingénierie culturelle (FWI)

    Yvana’arts Entreprise d'ingénierie culturelle spécialisée dans la diffusion de l'art contemporain de la Caraïbe. Créée en…

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    Denis Tejedor

    Curatorial Assistant @ Bass Museum of Art

    Born and raised in Cuba, I am a graduate from The New World School of the Arts, Miami, Florida, where I obtained a B.F.A. with…

  • Ego KAMIL

    Law Diary

    Intellectual property and business are inextricably linked. Cabinet Kamil and partners lawyers understand this. We work with…

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    Kingston on the Edge (KOTE)

    An art festival dedicated to freedom, expression and community

    The philosophy of Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) is to provide a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their work that pushes…

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    Kellie Magnus

    Children's book publisher and media producer

    Jackmandora is a Caribbean children's book imprint, specializing in fun, general interest titles for the 0 - 12 market. We are…

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    Anne Bancroft

    Bajan Art Conservator, working in UK heritage sector

    I am a Bajan that started as an artist and then went into art conservation. I am really interested in printmaking and book art.…

  • Josune Urbistondo

    Graduate PhD student in LIterature at the Univ of Miami

    My name is Josune Urbistondo. I am a third year PhD student in literature at the University of Miami. My research interests include…

  • Kris Rampersad

    creating synergies through culture

    Dr Kris Rampersad is a media, cultural and literary consultant, author, researcher, lecturer and journalist. She has been trained…

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