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Dominican Republic

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  • Edwin Stirman

    Art Historian, Critic and Curator

    After many years of rigorous academic hard science fundamentals I meandered through a Studio Art degree, but luckily found my voice…

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    Christopher Cozier is an artist and writer living and working in Trinidad. He has participated in a number of exhibitions focused…

  • Zuania Muniz Melendez


    I'm a professional photographerbased in Puerto Rico. I do weddings, events, documentary, portraiture, landscapes, food and, product…

  • 5

    Emilio Jose Maldonado Rosario

    Super-hardworking-megacomplex-pan-conceptualist-normal guy

    El arte es el medio para perder la ignorancia, es la vida misma, es la experiencia que nos hace perder el ego, artista es aquel que…

  • David Hill

    Director of UK Arts Development Agency, ArtReach

    David Hill is a theatre and arts director and producer, founder of the leading UK cultural events and arts agency ArtReach which…

  • Paul-felix Montez

    Sculpture New

    Large scale sculpture, monuments, installations and exhibits. Recent N.Y. Times journalist quote about installation sculpture mixed…

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    Yasmina Reggad

    Photography curator

    Yasmina Reggad graduated in Middle Ages History at the Sorbonne University in 2000. She has worked for about 10 years in books…

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    Andre-Olivier Martin


    I dont refer to myself as an artist, granted I am currently studying fine arts, I guess the best description is that I like to get…

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    Everything SLIGHT Pepper

    Everything Slight Pepper is a Caribbean design studio.

    Everything Slight Pepper is an award-winning boutique design studio based in the Caribbean focused on distinctive design for…

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    Robert Peterson

    I am from Louisiana. I make all sorts of stuff.

    I am an artist who uses media in an intuitive way in order to carry out my conceptual monologue. Generally I work with sound, paint,…

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    Asyla ten Holt

    fine and visual artist/educator and in creative writings

    Art/Crafts ten Holt-education and healing-therapies. Funark Working place - Bandabou- countryside in Curacao. Affillia. with…

  • BrutEdge Gallery

    Contemporary Art Gallery

    We are a contemporary art gallery with a particular interest in emerging and established artists from the Caribbean, Latin America,…

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    Mariangela Capuzzo

    Curator / Art Advisor

    Mariangela Capuzzo, currently Lead Curator for the Miami office of ICArt (International Corporate Art), an art consulting company…

  • Lesley-Ann Noel

    Design entrepreneur Design educator

    Lesley-Ann Noel is a product designer who has done extensive work in export product development and entrepreneurship training for…

  • RILAS, University of Liverpool

    Research Institute for Latin American Studies, Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool is an internationally recognized centre for Latin American, Caribbean and hemispheric Studies. The…

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    Tony Monsanto

    Visual Artist from Curaçao

    My work incorporates contemporary issues. My paintings deal with the environment, the social structures and the complexitiy of our…

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    Hilger BrotKunsthalle

    art gallery - art space - exhibition hall

    The Hilger BrotKunsthalle used to be a factory once in Vienna’s 10th district and now it evokes the atmosphere of an Off-Space in…

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    Charo Oquet

    Dominican Native, Miami-based interdisciplinary artist/curator/publisher/author

    Charo Oquet, work spans painting to photography, performance to installation. Her work has been extensively exhibited…

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    Iris Perez

    I am an visualartist from Dominican Republic

    Artista visual nacida en la República Dominicana. Realiza estudios superiores de arte en la Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes y la…

  • caroline hunter

    picture editor

    I'm interested in photography, visual arts, film, music, literature and philosophy. I'm also interested in web based multi-media and…


    I am an artist

    I am a comtemporary artist working in diferent mediums. I also serve as Guest Curator for the Highlands Museum of the Arts…

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    Studio 174 Chung

    Artistic, radical, transformation, empowering and creative

    Studio 174 in a gallery/ workshop/studio space,in the inner- city of down kingston Jamaica. Curator and founder Artis, Rozi chung.…

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    Onajide Shabaka

    Visual artist, writer, curator, educator, Africanist

    My art practice focuses on fine art, web development, teaching, and on the multidisciplinary aspects of art where it intersects with…

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    Claire Breukel

    Contemporary art curator and writer

    After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Claire Breukel began her career working for the South African Center for…

  • Organization

    Luis Gárciga

    Artist, curator and teacher who work about performance, relational and…

    Some of my Aspirations All my pieces could be compared with that “cheat sheet” or “crib sheet that some students use to…

  • Costume Institute of the African Diaspora

    Costume and fashion history from Africa and the Diaspora

    The Costume Institute of the African Diaspora (CIAD) has been established to enhance the study and understanding of costume, fashion…

  • Person

    Aisar Jalil Martínez

    Artista plástico. Escultor y pintor

    AISAR JALIL: CIELO JAMÁS DESPEJADO Nelson Herrera Ysla Las imágenes de Aisar Jalil han abandonado temporalmente la tierra:…

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    Jess Pazos

    Communications manager for Red Bull in CAMCAR

    Communications manager for Red Bull in Central America and the Caribbean. Documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in Puerto Rico,…

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    Owen Martin

    British Council

    Owen Martin is currently Programme Assistant on South Africa Programmes 2014 & 2015 at the British Council, focusing on cultural…

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    Joscelyn Gardner

    Visual Artist

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