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  • Ekaterinburg Art Foundation

    Art contests, exhibitions

    Main activities: 1. Design and creation of monumental artworks (monuments, decorative compositionsurban and park sculpture,…

  • Kishma Penn

    The Many Moods of Me

    I am Visual Artist, who also writes poetry and short shories. I am what one would call an emerging artist. But I am always trying…

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    Margaret Cezair-Thompson

    Jamaican-born writer.

    Author of two novels set in Jamaica, "The True History of Paradise" and "The Pirate's Daughter," professor of…

  • Jason Mena

    Visual Artist

    Jason Mena, is an artist living in Mexico City who primarily works in photography, drawing, and video installation. Graduating from…

  • The Caribbean Literary and Cultural Studies Program (CLCS) at the University of Miami is a well established institutional space for…

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    Alaina Simone

    Creative Consultant, Development Director

    Alaina Simone is a New York-based creative consultant working in the visual arts. She creates and develops programming and…

  • Sherma Amalia Rismay

    St.Lucian/American, Author of Science, History and Biblical Studies.

    Sherma is 35 years old, and lives and works from Hartford, CT. Her latest book Our Story, was released in February of 2014. She is…

  • Susan Mains

    I am a Caribbean artist, writer, arts activist--live and work in Grenada.

    I believe that art is a sustainable resource that has been sorely overlooked in the English speaking Caribbean. This belief has led…

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    Taj Weekes

    Musician, Songwriter, Poet, Humanitarian

    St. Lucian musician Taj Weekes & his band Adowa unite a true social consciousness with an unforgettable reggae groove. Blending…

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    The Long Run

    The Long Run is a fair, honest positive and creative approach to life

    As Long Runners, we strive to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising…

  • kurt g charles

    fun loving, family oriented type of guy wit a dry and sarcastic sense of humor!

    Does voluntary work for Rape Crisis, Special Olympics and Senior Games, involved in anything voluntary. An avid fan of The Arts and…

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    Hannah Bannister

    Peepal Tree Press - publisher of the best in Caribbean and Black British…

    Hannah Bannister is Peepal Tree Press's sales and marketing director. Peepal Tree is the home of the best in Caribbean and Black…

  • Holger Henke

    Immediate Past President, Caribbean Studies Association (CSA)

    Holger Henke is a political scientist with a variety of research interests across and beyond the discipline. Focusing on…

  • Ceramista, escultora, profesora de arte en la Escuela de Artes Plasticas de PR y el MAC, actualmente solicitando para estudiar una…

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    Richard Skeete

    Creative Industry Consultant/ Entertainment Marketing Specialist / Music Manager

    Awesome Entertainment Group is a full service company specializing in entertainment business consultancy and providing marketing…

  • Ryan Daniel Oduber

    Contemporary visual artist supporting the Caribbean island of Aruba

    Aruban born contemporary visual artist Ryan Daniel Oduber (MFA) (1972) has a long trajectory in the visual arts dating back to the…

  • renaud gibbons

    open to new , boundries only exist in your mind

    i started to view the people through the bottom of a shot glass and it changed my perception on the way i see things , it invoked…

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    The Public Archive

    history beyond the headlines

    Interested in disseminating information on the history, culture, and politics of the Caribbean and the Black World using digital…

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    Alice Yard

    Contemporary art centre and network

    Alice Yard, based in Port of Spain, draws on the long tradition of communal “yard” spaces in urban Trinidad, places of…

  • A. J. Modiest

    Graphic Artist

    Modiest is an avid art collector and a competent artist with many years of experience in graphic arts . He is skilled in the…

  • Lesley-Ann Noel

    Design entrepreneur Design educator

    Lesley-Ann Noel is a product designer who has done extensive work in export product development and entrepreneurship training for…

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    Leigh Lopez

    Living a fabulous island life!

    A self-confessed “beauty junkie”, Leigh is a respected expert in all fields of beauty, specialising in advanced skin care. She…

  • GFBC Enterprises, Ltd


    Caribbean Media Amalgamated GFBC is a unique and innovative online multimedia enterprise that primarily targets the Caribbean and…

  • Rachel Sandberg

    Freelance Graphic Designer

    With an education in Fine Arts, Graphic Design & Photography, and over 11 years in the advertising industry including 6 years…

  • Shasta Bady

    Visual artist dedicated to intellectual progress.

    I am a photographer currently based in Chicago, of Caribbean descent. I enjoy creating images the present social commentary and…

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    YoSoyElOtro Caribe Asociación Cultural

    Cultural association working on diffusion of Caribbean culture in Europe

    YoSoyElOtro (IAmTheOther) Cultural Association was created from the consciousness of knowing ourselves Others and living in a…

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    gerard hanson

    Fine Artist

    Born in Bradford (West Yorkshire) of Jamaican and Irish parentage, Gerard studied at Central St. Martins and Wimbledon School of Art…

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    Music Managers' Forum (Caribbean)

    Music Managers' Organisation

    The Music Managers' Forum [Caribbean] creates and provided a chance for meaningful dialogue, shared views and opinions with local,…

  • Open Gallery Magazine

    A magazine of modern and contemporary arts of the African Diaspora.

    We showcase visual artists in any medium whose work originates from, is reflective of, or responds to engagement with the people and…

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    Brian St. Juste

    Film & Television Producer/Director

    I am a Jamaican Film & Television Producer/Director producing TV Commercials, Documenatries, Training Films and TV Programmes…

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