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Antillas Holandesas

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  • Roger Caruth

    Caribbean entrepreneur and scholar originally from St. Vincent and the…

    The Museum of the Caribbean Diaspora: A Digital Repository (TM). The Museum of the Caribbean Diaspora (MOTCD) will offer access to…

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    A radical politics of the imagination.

    We are a collective of student activists committed to an erotic feminist ethic of care and responsibility, recognising everyone's…

  • Aisar Jalil Martínez

    Artista plástico. Pintor y escultor

    AISAR JALIL: CIELO JAMÁS DESPEJADO Nelson Herrera Ysla Las imágenes de Aisar Jalil han abandonado temporalmente la tierra:…

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    Albertine Kopp

    Manager Davidoff Art Initiative

    Davidoff launched the Davidoff Art Initiative. Our ambition is to make a lasting contribution to the contemporary art field, in…

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    New Caribbean Cinema

    New Wave, New Styles, New Directors.

    A new approach to Caribbean film-making, by any means necessary… New Caribbean Cinema is a fresh approach to film-making in the…

  • Mike Jarrett

    A student of history and the arts

    One measure of development is the extent of freedom enjoyed by artists and artisans to explore and express their creativity even…



    Hello, This Jinson Joseph ,from Hyderabad India .I am a visual artist . I Like to make new friends , painting , dreaming, Thinking…

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    Tanya Haynes

    sculpture, watercolor and public art installations

    Over this past year, international artist Tanya Haynes has brought her unique style of fun fine art to life in Curaçao. Tanya’s…

  • Musée Dapper

    Musée Dapper

    Depuis sa création en 1986, le musée Dapper a contribué à la connaissance des arts africains avec la conception de nombreuses…

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    Am a Caribbean artist painter

    I am an artist painter influenced by the pop art movement which makes me a bit of an outcast in The Caribbean as figurative art is…

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    Octavio Campos

    Transdisciplinary Artist

    Octavio Campos is a cuban-american performance provocateur residing in Miami. He runs the non-for profit hybrid arts collective,…

  • Eunice Nisbett

    Book Marketing Strategist and Author's Coach

    Online book marketing resource, providing authors with the administrative and online book marketing support (including virtual book…

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    Caribbean Intransit

    Interaction, Interrogation, Diversity, Movement

    The concept of Caribbean InTransit is to provide a creative ‘meeting place’ for Caribbean artists to share their thought…

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    Andre-Olivier Martin


    I dont refer to myself as an artist, granted I am currently studying fine arts, I guess the best description is that I like to get…

  • Jane Bryce

    I am one of the editors of Poui: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing…

    Poui: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing is approaching its eleventh issue (currently in press) as a leading annual journal for…

  • Jentan Bernardus

    Designer, Developer and Founder of

    I am a problem solver. I am passionate about design and communication. I believe marketing, public relations, social media, and…

  • gregory pataca

    grateful for live

    Gregory Pataca is one outstanding drummer and percussionist producer. was born the 6th of January 1968 on Curaçao N.A. Besides his…

  • Raúl León


    La gente, la vida, el espíritu, creer, soñar, destino,correr, gritar, reír, llorar, frenesí, tristeza, impotencia,pintar,…

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    Ylce Irizarry

    Assistant Professor, Department of English, USF

    Ylce Irizarry is interested in all things Antilles... She received her Ph.D. in English from Pennsylvania State University and is…

  • Organización 1

    Gilmore T. Moyo

    Very talented, ambitious and visionary

    Gilmore .T. Moyo is my name, I am a 20 year old Global Change Maker from Zimbabwe. As the leaders of “today”, I believe that…

  • Saskia Meijer

    Creative project manager

    Art exhibitions, publications, films, educational projects and new media & education in Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St Maarten…

  • Fundacion Encuentro Prome Bienal di Aruba

    Biennale on Contemporary Caribbean art

    Soon a Contemporary art biennial encounter on Aruba The Caribbean contemporary artistic scene will experience a new and vibrant…

  • Jonathan Morley

    Arts & Programming Manager at the UK's leading Black arts centre

    • Currently employed as the lead programmer at a nationally recognised UK venue specialising in Caribbean, African and South…

  • Gallery Systems

    Collections and Exhibitions Management Software Systems

    Leading Collections and Exhibitions Management Software Systems & Solultions Gallery Systems delivers powerful Collections…

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    Kingston on the Edge (KOTE)

    An art festival dedicated to freedom, expression and community

    The philosophy of Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) is to provide a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their work that pushes…

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    Ballet Español de Cuba

    Spanish Ballet

    El Ballet Español de Cuba, compañía fundada en 1987 por el bailarín, coreógrafo y su actual director, Eduardo Veitía, fue…

  • Earl Darius Etienne

    Very simple individual who loves the process of creating

    Creative indiviual in all aspects of culture in Dominica presently works as senior cultural officer, painter / coordinator of…

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    Jamaican Association of Young Artist

    unearthing the talent of the young Jamaican Artist

    1. to promote and develope Fine Art within Jamaica and the Caribbean through workshop, television and radio productions, print…

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    January 27-30, 2011

    CIRCA LABS is a space dedicated to cutting-edge practice and progressive artistic production. With the particpation of galleries,…

  • Art Africa Miami Arts Fair

    Art Africa Miami Arts Fair

    Art Africa Miami Arts Fair is a juried multidisciplinary exhibition of fine contemporary art from the global African Diaspora…

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