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    Ebony G. Patterson

    Young Jamaican artist raising questions and opening conversations

    A Young Jamaican artist, working in Lexington, KY and Kingston, Jamaica. Currently serves as Assistant Professor in Painting and…

  • ralph a. maingrette

    visual artist

    Ralph Auguste Maingrette lives and works in Montreal since 2001, self-taught painter and sculptor artist eco and graphic designer…

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    Holly Bynoe

    Visual Artist

    Holly Bynoe is a visual artist and writer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines; she is currently working in New York City. She…

  • Laurence Baptiste-Weppler

    Founder of Rezo Kreyol. Together we shall thrive!

    Firm believer that the Caribbean diaspora will thrive by sharing, uniting and learning from each other, Laurence started organising…


    They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) is a 501(c)(3) U.S.-based not-for-profit…

    They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) is a 501(c)(3), U.S. based, not-for profit organization co-founded by St. Lucian singer/songwriter…

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    Rhonda Frederick

    Associate Professor, English and African & African Diaspora Studies,…

    Rhonda D. Frederick (MA/PhD, University of Pennsylvania) teaches Caribbean and African American, and African Diaspora Studies at…

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    Michael Massaro

    I am an artist whose work focuses on the subject of Human Rights

    My recent work is a social commentary concerning the inhumanity people are willing to inflict upon others. There is a rampant…

  • 1

    Anabelle Rodriguez-Lawton

    Curator of Contemporary Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Art +…

    Since 1999 I've been curating Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Art in Philadelphia, PA and New York City. Thanks to my…

  • 2

    Rushel Miller

    Art Lover & Blogger

    Growing up I wanted to be the following things, in this order: A Scientist, An Artist, A Psychologist, A Writer, and now I'm…

  • 4 6

    graeme evelyn


    Graeme Mortimer Evelyn’s work comments on cultural social identity, politics and language. He describes these narratives forming…

  • Cynthia Krell

    Art critic and researcher

    I am mainly interested into the field of contemporary art, because I am writing for european magazines about art and cultural…

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    Romain Chenais

    Independant Curator

    I am an independant curator and art critic from France based in London. I am undertaking a curatorial degree at the Royal College of…

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    Haiti Cultural Exchange

    Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to…

    We seek to raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding and appreciation through programs in the arts,…

  • Martina Zahles Pilé

    Dual national Barbadian female Fine-Artist/Ceramicist art-administrator/curator

    Professional Artist who channels her creativity with a variety of mediums. (Art Studio in Prospect, St James Barbados) In 2001, she…

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    mark raymond


    i am an architect in private practice in trinidad and tobago.i studied at the architectural association in london and subsequently…

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    Davlin Thomas

    I am a Theatrical producer and Artistic Director

    I'm an Artistic Director from Trinidad whose work has been commissioned by the National Carnival Commission and the Government of…

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    lindsey reynolds

    Artist and archivist from Atlanta, Georgia

    LINDSEY REYNOLDS is an archivist and oral historian whose art practice is deeply rooted in documentation and preservation processes.…

  • 1

    Brianna McCarthy

    Perception changer

    Brianna McCarthy is an artist who works in Trinidad &Tobago. In 2005 she exhibited work as part of the Trinidadian delegation to…

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    Patricia Saunders

    Associate Prof. of English University of Miami

    Born in Trinidad, Patricia Saunders has been living and working in the U.S. for most of her life. My research areas include…

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    Schallum Pierre

    Performer, Sound Poet, Visual artist, Art, Literature and Philosophy Researcher

    Schallum Pierre holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Laval University. He is associated with Chaire d’enseignement et de recherche La…

  • 1

    Chantal Miller

    Freelance Creative specialising in filmmaking, presenting, voiceovers…

    Hi I have recently taken a gigantic leap of faith and launched my own company : ChantiMedia. ChantiMedia brings together all my…

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    Sara Hermann


    At the present I work as the Visual Arts Specialist at Centro León in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Previously, I was the…

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    Everything SLIGHT Pepper

    Everything Slight Pepper is a Caribbean design studio.

    Everything Slight Pepper is an award-winning boutique design studio based in the Caribbean focused on distinctive design for…

  • Malinda Francis, docuvixen

    Telling untold stories.

    Malinda tells visual stories that derive from her experience, as well tries to communicate and connect with others within her…

  • 1

    Karla Cott


    Karla Cott is a Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist, her work ranging from painting, to animation and installation art. Her work…

  • Ekaterinburg Art Foundation

    Art contests, exhibitions

    Main activities: 1. Design and creation of monumental artworks (monuments, decorative compositionsurban and park sculpture,…

  • 15 16

    The Long Run

    The Long Run is a fair, honest positive and creative approach to life

    As Long Runners, we strive to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising…

  • Dalina Rusanova

    Creative and self motivated individual

    For the past three years I have been actively participating in art and media projects across Europe. I am very interested in forming…

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    Lesley-Ann Brown

    Caribbean-American writer, poet/performer & educator.

    I'm a Brooklyn-born writer with roots in Trinidad and Tobago, who currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. My writing primarily…

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    Claire Breukel

    Contemporary art curator and writer

    After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Claire Breukel began her career working for the South African Center for…

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