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    Hakili Don

    Visual and Sonic Artist

    Kalinago Garifuna Vinci African Diaspora Toronto New York Interested in anything cultural, and creative. Currently…

  • Cynthia Krell

    Art critic and researcher

    I am mainly interested into the field of contemporary art, because I am writing for european magazines about art and cultural…

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    Timoun Rezistans Art Gallery

    Design and construction of a new Children Art Gallery in Port au Prince

    In Grand Rue where the first Ghetto Biennale took place, the local sculptors are now teaching a new young generation of artists…

  • Person

    Ed Gessen

    Haitian Art Guy

    I am an avid collector of Haitian Art and want to keep current in this area. I am a member of the Haitian Art Society and currently…

  • 13 5

    Ebony G. Patterson

    Young Jamaican artist raising questions and opening conversations

    A Young Jamaican artist, working in Lexington, KY and Kingston, Jamaica. Currently serves as Assistant Professor in Painting and…

  • 2

    Edouard Duval Carrie


    I personally believe that most artists are in one way or another reflections of their immediate surroundings. What they are…

  • 6

    Andre Eugene

    Atis-Rezistans: the Sculptors of Grand Rue

    The Grand Rue Sculptors are a community of artists living in a downtown slum neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This is the…

  • Randi Kristensen


    Located in Washington DC; writing a novel about female sex tourism in the Caribbean; researcher of marronage, Maroons and their…

  • 4 6

    graeme evelyn


    Graeme Mortimer Evelyn’s work comments on cultural social identity, politics and language. He describes these narratives forming…

  • Birte Timm

    Brighter Days!

    I am born in Germany, but Jamaican at heart. I am open, passionate, energetic, ambitious, hard working and live life to the fullest.…

  • Jason Mena

    Visual Artist

    Jason Mena, is an artist living in Mexico City who primarily works in photography, drawing, and video installation. Graduating from…

  • Juan Carlos Zaldivar

    Filmmaker, artist and independent programmer

    A filmmaker and video artist, Zaldívar completed both his BFA and a Masters of Fine Arts at New York University's Tisch School of…

  • 1

    Neri Street

    Trans-former (doing good through performance and film)

    Neri Street is an emerging cultural leader in South Florida who uses performance and film to renew a sense of possibility in adults…

  • Nadia Denton

    Passionate about Black World Cinema

    Nadia Denton was born in London and grew up in a Jamaican household. She studied Modern History at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford…

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    evel romain


    I work in painting and sculpture, exploring ideas of spirituality, and how those ideas dialogue with contemporary art.

  • Wayne Sinclair

    I am a consultant to the ACP region on creative industries policy and…

    I have worked in the creative industries for the past 20 years primarily in the areas of film and live music production. For the…

  • 1

    Dominique Fontaine

    curator, researcher and cultural advisor

    Dominique Fontaine is a curator, researcher, cultural advisor, project manager and Founding Director of aPOSteRIORI, a non-profit…

  • Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda


    Neigeme is a Producer/Production Manager, CEO of Studio3210 ltd and Co-director of the acclaimed Caribbean Film Corner. With over 10…

  • See Line Gallery

    See Line Gallery at the Pacific Design Center

    See Line Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to supporting the work of exceptional contemporary artists. Since its launch in…

  • 3

    Bouchotte Giscard

    Filmmaker, independant curator and art critic (AICA Sud Caraïbe)

    Le travail de Giscard Bouchotte touche à la fois à la réalisation, au critique et au commisariat d'exposition. C'est…

  • 5 13

    Michael Thompson

    A Jamaican Artist and Visual Activist.

    I am a Visual Artist who uses iconic imagery and design to influence and make a difference. My Posters and fine art is a platform to…

  • Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he began his interest in design and the arts while training at the San Juan Students Art League…

  • Tom Bogaert

    visual artist

    Before dedicating my life to art, I documented genocide and human rights abuses in Africa, Europe and Asia for the UN and Amnesty…

  • 3


    ROKTOWA Mission: Plant Artists to Create Growth.

    ROKTOWA is an Artists Residency Program that introduces artists to the the creative genius of downtown Kingston. ROKTOWA's fb…

  • Martina Zahles Pilé

    Dual national Barbadian female Fine-Artist/Ceramicist art-administrator/curator

    Professional Artist who channels her creativity with a variety of mediums. (Art Studio in Prospect, St James Barbados) In 2001, she…

  • evel romain

    arts moderne

    i am rezistans arts I evel Romain, I started working as apprentices in school jeunes Jean Baptiste Robert, in 1985 the recovery…

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    Elisa Turner

    Art Critic

    I am an award-winning art critic and journalist in Miami, Florida and the Miami correspondent for ARTnews magazine. Artcentric…

  • Caribbean Recording Inustry Association

    A development organization for Caribbean Musicians

    The Caribbean Recording Industry Association(C.R.I.A.) will focus on the development of Caribbean music. The tasks that C.R.I.A.…

  • Musée Dapper

    Musée Dapper

    Depuis sa création en 1986, le musée Dapper a contribué à la connaissance des arts africains avec la conception de nombreuses…

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    Michael Massaro

    I am an artist whose work focuses on the subject of Human Rights

    My recent work is a social commentary concerning the inhumanity people are willing to inflict upon others. There is a rampant…

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