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    Rosa Naday Garmendia

    Teaching Artist

    What feeds my art making process is my interest in the human condition. Like most artists I am restless and I use the visual arts as…

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    Brianna McCarthy

    Perception changer

    Brianna McCarthy is an artist who works in Trinidad &Tobago. In 2005 she exhibited work as part of the Trinidadian delegation to…

  • Costume Institute of the African Diaspora

    Costume and fashion history from Africa and the Diaspora

    The Costume Institute of the African Diaspora (CIAD) has been established to enhance the study and understanding of costume, fashion…

  • Organization 1

    Beadie Finzi

    Documentary Film Foundation Director

    Beadie Finzi is one of the directors of the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation (, a UK based not for profit backed by…

  • Halcyon Hoagland

    Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management

    Abeng Arts is an artist management, booking and tour management company expanding the reach for global performing artists. The word…

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    Kristina Newman-Scott

    Director of Programs, Boston Center For The Arts, Independent Curator

    Kristina Newman-Scott was appointed Director of Programs at the Boston Center for the Arts in 2011. Prior to joining the BCA,…

  • Randi Kristensen


    Located in Washington DC; writing a novel about female sex tourism in the Caribbean; researcher of marronage, Maroons and their…

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    bienal de fotografia de puerto rico jorge ramos caro

    promote photography in the caribbean

    La Bienal de Fotografía de Puerto Rico es una corporación sin fines de lucro q desde 1998 inaugura sus salas en el Museo de las…

  • 3


    ROKTOWA Mission: Plant Artists to Create Growth.

    ROKTOWA is an Artists Residency Program that introduces artists to the the creative genius of downtown Kingston. ROKTOWA's fb…

  • 2

    Little Haiti Cultural Center

    Cultural Center in the heart of Little Haiti

    The Little Haiti Cultural Center, which finished construction in 2009, provides a space that brings together people and ideas to…

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    The Public Archive

    history beyond the headlines

    Interested in disseminating information on the history, culture, and politics of the Caribbean and the Black World using digital…

  • 1


    January 27-30, 2011

    CIRCA LABS is a space dedicated to cutting-edge practice and progressive artistic production. With the particpation of galleries,…

  • Jason Mena

    Visual Artist

    Jason Mena, is an artist living in Mexico City who primarily works in photography, drawing, and video installation. Graduating from…

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    Claire Breukel

    Contemporary art curator and writer

    After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Claire Breukel began her career working for the South African Center for…

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    Ivanne Farr


    Our organization embraces the Caribbean Islands for education vertically integrating to the marketplace with "PURE…

  • Christopher Garland

    I am a PhD student in the English Department at the University of Florida.

    My current research focuses on the representation of the slums of the Global South in contemporary film and literature. I have a…

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    Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts

    Home of the Arts in the Caribbean

    The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts is the first institution of its kind within the English Speaking Caribbean…

  • Ed Gessen

    Haitian Art Guy

    I am an avid collector of Haitian Art and want to keep current in this area. I am a member of the Haitian Art Society and currently…

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    Brand Management

    Trying to ensure a face for small organisations, especially within the creative industries! We work with artists, dancers,…

  • colin grant

    A historian and BBC radio producer

    Author of Negro with a Hat: a biography of Marcus Garvey; I&I:The Natural Mystics, a group biography of the Wailers - Tosh,…

  • RILAS, University of Liverpool

    Research Institute for Latin American Studies, Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool is an internationally recognized centre for Latin American, Caribbean and hemispheric Studies. The…

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    joshua bee alafia

    I'm a Brooklyn based Filmmaker telling stories from the Afrikan Diaspora.

    joshua bee alafia started making films in high school and graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a BA in…

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    Afua Hall

    I am a Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher & Mother...

    I am originally from Negril, Jamaica and currently reside in Miami, Fl. I am eating home-made salsa for breakfast. I am committed…

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    YoSoyElOtro Caribe Asociación Cultural

    Cultural association working on diffusion of Caribbean culture in Europe

    YoSoyElOtro (IAmTheOther) Cultural Association was created from the consciousness of knowing ourselves Others and living in a…

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    Militza Jean-Felix

    Haitian American painter, writer and performance artist

    Militza Jean-Felix is a Haitian American artist from Boston, Massachusetts. She has a Bachelor in Fine Art from the Massachusetts…

  • Dona Altemus

    Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.

  • Helen Klonaris

    A Greek Bahamian writer, performer and teacher.

    I am a writer, performer, and teacher living between Oakland, California and Nassau, Bahamas. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Religious…

  • i am an artist based in miami, florida. I make works in various media on the subject of place and everyday.…

  • Janet Levy

    Contemporary Art Gallery and Curator.

    Janet Levy is an independent curator and galley owner. A native of Los Angeles, she studied sculpture at the Schule für Gestaltung…

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    Julia A Lyons

    Wanting to learn more about these eclectic cultures

    I really want to learn more about the Caribbean/Isaland nations. I feel that we could all benefit from knowing about each other and…

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