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  • XI Bienal de la Habana_XI Havana Biennial

    XI Bienal de la Habana_XI Havana Biennial


  • 2

    Susan Delvalle

    Arts manager

    Originally from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, I have been working at El Museo del Barrio in New York City for the last nine years.…

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    Tanya Marie Williams

    Graphic Designer/Art Director who Paints.

    Tanya is a Graphic Designer/Art Director and Artist living and working in Trinidad at the leading Design and Branding Agency in…

  • sailor, explorer,traveler and author of Caribbean short stories, sailing and general short story collections. Recent project is…

  • Schebania Cantave

    Artist- Painter-

    Rhythm, value, delight, colorful, fantasies, magic, myth, intuition, unconscious, reveal, perception, response, motif, revelation,…

  • I am a Barbados based multimedia artist. I was previously Curator of Art and Media at Chicago's HotHouse Center for International…

  • 1

    Melissa Hunter

    Editor and Creator of Sugarcane Magazine

    I'm interested in all arts disciplines as well as producing and curating. I have 15 years experience in the arts. I have worked in…

  • Cultural Voice

    An Online Creative Industries Magazine

    Worldwide creative industries have exploded and represent a fey feature in the development of the modern economy. According to UN…

  • 1 1

    Ballet Español de Cuba

    Spanish Ballet

    El Ballet Español de Cuba, compañía fundada en 1987 por el bailarín, coreógrafo y su actual director, Eduardo Veitía, fue…

  • 1

    Kishan Munroe

    I am a social-realist, multi-media artist from the Bahamas.

    My art inhabits liminal spaces of our human experience. Moments, periods, eras when we make transitions from life to death, from joy…

  • 2

    Rushel Miller

    Art Lover & Blogger

    Growing up I wanted to be the following things, in this order: A Scientist, An Artist, A Psychologist, A Writer, and now I'm…

  • Tracy Assing

    Writer, Editor, Photographer, Filmmaker

    Writer, photographer, filmmaker Tracy Assing’s work on indigenous culture has been published in the Trinidad Guardian, Caribbean…

  • Jesús Hdez-Güero

    Le interesa la capacidad del arte de utilizar y reorganizar formas…

    Nació en La Habana en 1983, donde asistió a la Academia de Bellas Artes “San Alejandro” entre 1999 y el 2003. Posteriormente…

  • Carol Haggiag

    Jewelry Designer

    My lifelong passion for the arts has led me to utilization of metals, principally silver, often in conjunction with various semi…

  • José A

    Ingeniero electricista

    Para compartir el espacio de las ideas, para tomar lo necesario y aprender, para ayudar si se requiere. Para reconocer a los que…

  • 5

    Rosie Herrera

    Dancetheatre artist Rosie Herrera

    Rosie Herrera is a Cuban-American choreographer based in Miami whose surreal work is captivating audiences and critics nationally.…

  • 3 1

    Caribbean Art project

    Non-profit corporation to raise the profile of the visual arts in the Caribbean.

    The Caribbean Art project’s primary function is to document the art of the English-speaking Caribbean by creating a comprehensive…

  • 5

    Ariadne Faries

    visual artist

    Ariadne Faries paints the process of emotional and spiritual experience and wonders about it. Her work starts at an intuitive…

  • 1

    Miguelina Rivera

    Contemporary Dominican Visual Artist

    Miguelina Rivera es una de las artistas más prominentes en la contemporaneidad de artistas de la República Dominicana. Ha exhibido…

  • 1

    Ena Marrero

    Installation Artists working with form and dimension.

    ENAMARRERO  Artist Statement   I'm an a cuban born social progressive artist working with materials and space in order to…

  • 2


    Newsmagazine serving the Caribbean community in Southern California for…

    Most people didn’t know there was a Caribbean-American community in Los Angeles. Like the Guatemalans and Puerto Ricans who became…

  • Cynthia Krell

    Art critic and researcher

    I am mainly interested into the field of contemporary art, because I am writing for european magazines about art and cultural…

  • 4 6

    graeme evelyn


    Graeme Mortimer Evelyn’s work comments on cultural social identity, politics and language. He describes these narratives forming…

  • rob perrée

    art historian, writer, curator

    I am an art historian from Amsterdam/Brooklyn. Founder and editor in chief of I have published many articles in…

  • Irina Leyva-Perez

    Curator and art critic

    Cuban born. In Havana worked at the National Museum of Fine Arts as curator. Lived in Jamaica for 9 years, worked as assistant…

  • Holger Henke

    Immediate Past President, Caribbean Studies Association (CSA)

    Holger Henke is a political scientist with a variety of research interests across and beyond the discipline. Focusing on…

  • The Caribbean Literary and Cultural Studies Program (CLCS) at the University of Miami is a well established institutional space for…

  • 4

    Rosa Naday Garmendia

    Teaching Artist

    What feeds my art making process is my interest in the human condition. Like most artists I am restless and I use the visual arts as…

  • Dona Altemus

    Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.

  • Josune Urbistondo

    Graduate PhD student in LIterature at the Univ of Miami

    My name is Josune Urbistondo. I am a third year PhD student in literature at the University of Miami. My research interests include…

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