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  • Persona

    Aisar Jalil Martínez

    Artista plástico. Escultor y pintor

    AISAR JALIL: CIELO JAMÁS DESPEJADO Nelson Herrera Ysla Las imágenes de Aisar Jalil han abandonado temporalmente la tierra:…

  • idania del rio

    visual arts

    designer & illustrator. Graduated from Superior Instute of Design in Havana, Cuba. Member of Grupo Camaleón, loose association…

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    Maritza Perez-Becerra

    Visual Artist

    MARITZA PEREZ-BECERRA is a multidisciplinary and multimedia Cuban artist working with Installation Art, Painting, Photography,…

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    Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts

    Home of the Arts in the Caribbean

    The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts is the first institution of its kind within the English Speaking Caribbean…

  • 1

    Charo Oquet

    Dominican Native, Miami-based interdisciplinary artist/curator/publisher/author

    Charo Oquet, work spans painting to photography, performance to installation. Her work has been extensively exhibited…

  • 5

    Peepal Tree Press

    Peepal Tree Press is home of the best in Caribbean and Black British…

    Peepal Tree is a wholly independent company, founded in 1986, and now publishing around 30-40 books a year. We have published nearly…

  • Irina Leyva-Perez

    Curator and art critic

    Cuban born. In Havana worked at the National Museum of Fine Arts as curator. Lived in Jamaica for 9 years, worked as assistant…

  • 2

    Brian St. Juste

    Film & Television Producer/Director

    I am a Jamaican Film & Television Producer/Director producing TV Commercials, Documenatries, Training Films and TV Programmes…

  • 2

    Rushel Miller

    Art Lover & Blogger

    Growing up I wanted to be the following things, in this order: A Scientist, An Artist, A Psychologist, A Writer, and now I'm…

  • Aliosky Garcia Sosa

    Aliosky Garcia Sosa is an art curator living and working in Havana, Cuba.

    Aliosky Garcia Sosa is an art curator living and working in Havana, Cuba. Mr Garcia Sosa specializes in working with emerging…

  • 1

    Dean Arlen

    Dean is committed to causes and people.

    My interest lies In the exploration of where I'm as an artist. What does that mean in the context of the artistic product, how can…

  • Alives Magaly Polo Sevila

    Centro de Arte Contemporáneo

    El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam fue inaugurado el 28 de febrero de 1983 con la misión de investigar y promocionar las…

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    Patrick A. Polk

    Professor/Museum Scientist

    I serve as the Curator for Latin American and Caribbean Popular Arts for the Fowler Museum at UCLA and teach for the UCLA Department…

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    Dannys Montes de Oca

    Curador de arte contemporáneo africano

    Investigadora/ curadora de arte africano contemporáneo (y la diáspora) como miembro del equipo de curadores del Centro Wifredo Lam…

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    Mark Coetzee

    Executive Director and Chief Curator, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art…

    Mark Coetzee is currently Executive Director and Chief Curator of Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) at the…

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    José Fernández

    Curador de arte contemporáneo africano

    Soy Investigador/ curador de arte africano contemporáneo (incluida la diaspora) como miembro del equipo de curadores del Centro…

  • 3

    Everything SLIGHT Pepper

    Everything Slight Pepper is a Caribbean design studio.

    Everything Slight Pepper is an award-winning boutique design studio based in the Caribbean focused on distinctive design for…

  • 1

    Chantal Miller

    Freelance Creative specialising in filmmaking, presenting, voiceovers…

    Hi I have recently taken a gigantic leap of faith and launched my own company : ChantiMedia. ChantiMedia brings together all my…

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    Rosie Gordon-Wallace

    Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator 501(c)(3)

    Founded in 1996 Diaspora Vibe (DVG) is a multi - disciplinary art space serving as a laboratory for emerging artists of the…

  • I Lagardien

    I am a political economist from South Africa

    I am a political economist from South Africa. I have a PhD in International Political Economy from the University of Aberystwyth…

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    Studio 174 Chung

    Artistic, radical, transformation, empowering and creative

    Studio 174 in a gallery/ workshop/studio space,in the inner- city of down kingston Jamaica. Curator and founder Artis, Rozi chung.…

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    Kofi Walker

    Dance Choreographer, Events Coordinator, Personal Trainer

    Special interest Coordinator for Strategic and Curriculum development projects for vocational or community schools, also for…

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    Claire Breukel

    Contemporary art curator and writer

    After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Claire Breukel began her career working for the South African Center for…

  • 4

    Jamaican Association of Young Artist

    unearthing the talent of the young Jamaican Artist

    1. to promote and develope Fine Art within Jamaica and the Caribbean through workshop, television and radio productions, print…

  • 3

    Caribbean Studies Association

    The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) is an independent professional…

    The Caribbean Studies Association enjoys non-profit status and is independent of any public or private institution. Membership is…

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    Joy Gregory

    Artist working with photography, video and installation

    I have a very broad practice concerned with social and political issues, with particular reference to history and cultural…


    I am an artist

    I am a comtemporary artist working in diferent mediums. I also serve as Guest Curator for the Highlands Museum of the Arts…

  • rob perrée

    art historian, writer, curator

    I am an art historian from Amsterdam/Brooklyn. Founder and editor in chief of I have published many articles in…

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    Rosie Herrera

    Dancetheatre artist Rosie Herrera

    Rosie Herrera is a Cuban-American choreographer based in Miami whose surreal work is captivating audiences and critics nationally.…

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    Nicole Pena

    I am a visual artist and arts instructor.

    I have been a painter for over 20 years. I also started an art school called Art Heroes that teaches young learners about the…

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