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    Donald Griffith

    A COMPLEXION CHANGE - International, Intercultural Diplomacy

    MISSION STATEMENT Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre / Black International Cinema / The Collegium - Forum & Television Program…

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    Kishan Munroe

    I am a social-realist, multi-media artist from the Bahamas.

    My art inhabits liminal spaces of our human experience. Moments, periods, eras when we make transitions from life to death, from joy…

  • Bill Brubaker

    Washington D.C.-based collector and dealer of Cuba's striking movie and…

    I grew up in Miami, where I developed an appreciation of all things Cuban. Today, my wife, Freddi, and I live in Washington D.C.,…

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    Isabel Yrigoyen

    I am a music curator

    I work at a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary contemporary arts center in San Francisco, with a focus on visual art,…

  • Carlos Rojas Jara

    Founder of Monte Azul in Costa Rica

    Carlos studied art at UC Berkeley under Bay Area greats like Joan Brown, Silvia Lark and Elmer Bischoff with a focus in printmaking…

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    Chris Kilmartin

    Communication through experience

    I try to create work that is transparent in it's technique of execution so that the idea is completely exposed to communicate. This…

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    Alaina Simone

    Creative Consultant, Development Director

    Alaina Simone is a New York-based creative consultant working in the visual arts. She creates and develops programming and…

  • Jose Orbein

    Painter Art Director designer

    Soy Cubano viviendo enter Miami Beach y Los Angeles. Pinto exclusivamente el tema Abakua. Me gustaria tener contacto con Dannys…

  • José A

    Ingeniero electricista

    Para compartir el espacio de las ideas, para tomar lo necesario y aprender, para ayudar si se requiere. Para reconocer a los que…

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    Michael Thompson

    A Jamaican Artist and Visual Activist.

    I am a Visual Artist who uses iconic imagery and design to influence and make a difference. My Posters and fine art is a platform to…

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    Elvis Fuentes

    El Museo del Barrio

    I am a PhD student in Art History at Rutgers University. I served as curator at El Museo del Barrio between June 2006 and January…

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    Brianna McCarthy

    Perception changer

    Brianna McCarthy is an artist who works in Trinidad &Tobago. In 2005 she exhibited work as part of the Trinidadian delegation to…

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    Brian St. Juste

    Film & Television Producer/Director

    I am a Jamaican Film & Television Producer/Director producing TV Commercials, Documenatries, Training Films and TV Programmes…

  • BrutEdge Gallery

    Contemporary Art Gallery

    We are a contemporary art gallery with a particular interest in emerging and established artists from the Caribbean, Latin America,…

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    Ebony G. Patterson

    Young Jamaican artist raising questions and opening conversations

    A Young Jamaican artist, working in Lexington, KY and Kingston, Jamaica. Currently serves as Assistant Professor in Painting and…

  • Anabela Kim

    Assistant Programmer of Screendance for 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival

    I am interested in communicating with a network of filmmakers, digital media and dance artists, exploring the potentials of dance…

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    Dannys Montes de Oca

    Curador de arte contemporáneo africano

    Investigadora/ curadora de arte africano contemporáneo (y la diáspora) como miembro del equipo de curadores del Centro Wifredo Lam…

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    Donald Cosentino

    Scholar and curator on sacred arts of the Black Atlantic

    Donald Cosentino is Professor of World Arts and Cultures at the University of California-Los Angeles. He served as a Peace Corps…

  • Irina Contreras

    artist, writer and producer

    IRINA CONTRERAS is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. Her individual and collaborative projects change form and medium but…

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    Patricia Saunders

    Associate Prof. of English University of Miami

    Born in Trinidad, Patricia Saunders has been living and working in the U.S. for most of her life. My research areas include…

  • Emeka Udemba

    visual artist

    ‘Youth development project’ Month by month, year by year, we have become used to a culture of violence, especially youth…

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    Brand Management

    Trying to ensure a face for small organisations, especially within the creative industries! We work with artists, dancers,…

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    Juan "ERMAN" Gonzalez

    Mixed Media, 2D, 3D and Installation

    I am a Cuban artist, currently living in Miami, creating series based, theme driven works with a fiber concentration using a…

  • caroline hunter

    picture editor

    I'm interested in photography, visual arts, film, music, literature and philosophy. I'm also interested in web based multi-media and…

  • RILAS, University of Liverpool

    Research Institute for Latin American Studies, Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool is an internationally recognized centre for Latin American, Caribbean and hemispheric Studies. The…

  • Alicia Leal

    Alicia Leal Veloz- Sancti Spiritus 1957

    Miembro de la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC). Miembro de la Asociación Internacional de Artistas Plásticos…

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    Nile Saulter

    A Jamaican Director/Cinematographer.

    As a Caribbean filmmaker, my main interest is to help develop a unique visual aesthetic that represents where I'm from. I'm a member…

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    Antonio Jose Guzman

    Audiovisual Artist - Head of the L3 Art Collective Amsterdam

    Antonio Jose Guzman Jaramillo is an established Dutch-Panamanian photographer, videographer, documentary director, Poet, VJ and…

  • Maggy Cuesta

    Dean of Visual Arts/New World School of the Arts

    I am currently the Dean of Visual Art for New World School of the Arts [NWSA] in Miami, Florida. NWSA was established by the…

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    Gallery Diet

    We are a contemporary art gallery.

    Gallery Diet opened in November of 2007 and is located in the Wynwood district of Miami, Florida. In addition to representing five…

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