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    Albertine Kopp

    Manager Davidoff Art Initiative

    Davidoff launched the Davidoff Art Initiative. Our ambition is to make a lasting contribution to the contemporary art field, in…

  • The Caribbean Literary and Cultural Studies Program (CLCS) at the University of Miami is a well established institutional space for…

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    Fiona Compton

    St.Lucian Photographer/Filmaker

    I was born on the Caribbean island of St.Lucia, from the age of 16 I have lived in South America and the U.K. Venuring to London to…

  • Emeka Udemba

    visual artist

    ‘Youth development project’ Month by month, year by year, we have become used to a culture of violence, especially youth…

  • Kim Moses

    Upcoming Advertising & Social Media Guru

    Elegant and sophisticated Description to follow shortly.

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    Nina Torres

    Latin American Art Consulting

    For over 20 years I have been actively participating in the international art market, focusing in the Latin American Modern and…

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    Denis Tejedor

    Curatorial Assistant @ Bass Museum of Art

    Born and raised in Cuba, I am a graduate from The New World School of the Arts, Miami, Florida, where I obtained a B.F.A. with…

  • Edwin Stirman

    Art Historian, Critic and Curator

    After many years of rigorous academic hard science fundamentals I meandered through a Studio Art degree, but luckily found my voice…

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    Giles Peterson

    Independent Curator working with Post Colonial artists from the Pacific Rim

    Giles Peterson is an independent curator of contemporary urban art from the Pacific Rim. He was born in Papua New Guinea and works…

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    Ava Marie

    Loving this artistic side of me!

    I look forward to escaping each time I pick up my artist's tools. I experiment in various forms but hope to master a few...those few…

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    International Caribbean Art Fair (ICAFair)

    ICAFair is a first-of-its-kind art fair exclusively for the…

    ICAFair provides exhibition opportunities to artists of Caribbean heritage and galleries representing these artists. ICAFair will be…

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    KENZA NEZZAR,a teacher of English at khenchela, Algeria. I like learning…

    kenza AN ALGERIAN TEACHER OF ENGLISH Hi, I realy am hypnotised by all the carribean isles, especially Barbados, for years I…

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    Brooke Minto

    Assistant Director at Miami Art Museum

    Brooke Minto is an Assistant Director at Miami Art Museum (USA). From 2005 to 2007 she was manager of education and public…

  • Luke Moody

    Editorial Assistant

    I work for the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation in the UK. We help documentary film-makers get their work into production and run a…

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    Rushel Miller

    Art Lover & Blogger

    Growing up I wanted to be the following things, in this order: A Scientist, An Artist, A Psychologist, A Writer, and now I'm…

  • Eleomar Puente


    Visual Cuban artist living and working since 1993 in the Dominican Republic is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro…

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    Edge Zones

    An artists run contemporary arts non-profit organization based in Miami.

    Edge Zones is an artist and volunteer-run contemporary arts non-profit dedicated to the research, conceptualization and execution of…

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    Sally Frater


    Sally Frater is a curator and writer. She holds an Honours BA in Studio Art from the University of Guelph and an MA in Contemporary…

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    Kofi Walker

    Dance Choreographer, Events Coordinator, Personal Trainer

    Special interest Coordinator for Strategic and Curriculum development projects for vocational or community schools, also for…

  • Tatiana Flores

    Critic, curator, and art historian

    An art historian by training, I am on the faculty of the Departments of Art History and Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers…

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    Steve Leon

    Radio Disc Jockey @ 92.9 choice FM based in New York City…

    A free thinker and Radio Disc Jockey @ 92.9 choice FM based in New York City, Events Planner and Antiques…

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    Karla Cott


    Karla Cott is a Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist, her work ranging from painting, to animation and installation art. Her work…

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    New Caribbean Cinema

    New Wave, New Styles, New Directors.

    A new approach to Caribbean film-making, by any means necessary… New Caribbean Cinema is a fresh approach to film-making in the…

  • norman mayers

    visual artist and filmmaker

    an award winning visual artist, photographer and filmmaker with over 2 dozen years of international experience in advertising and…

  • djmrfish

    originally from REUNION ISLAND,the sun is in my heart!

    through the years,i collected music from around the world and developed an unique sound mixing the electronic techniques of…

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    Donald Cosentino

    Scholar and curator on sacred arts of the Black Atlantic

    Donald Cosentino is Professor of World Arts and Cultures at the University of California-Los Angeles. He served as a Peace Corps…

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    Pamaicl Securities Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire

    We are delivery experts.

    Here at Pamaicl Securities Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire we offer a complete range of security services, backed by a commitment to the…

  • Nadia Denton

    Passionate about Black World Cinema

    Nadia Denton was born in London and grew up in a Jamaican household. She studied Modern History at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford…

  • Frantz Voltaire

    Writer, Director, Filmmaker

    Frantz Voltaire was born in Haiti in 1948. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History at Universidad de Chili, a Master of…

  • Ekaterinburg Art Foundation

    Art contests, exhibitions

    Main activities: 1. Design and creation of monumental artworks (monuments, decorative compositionsurban and park sculpture,…

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