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Trinidad and Tobago

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    Daniella Carrington

    I am mindful.

    I'm passionate about people, getting creative, and enjoying the simple things in life. I had come to realize the power behind being…

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    Jess Pazos

    Communications manager for Red Bull in CAMCAR

    Communications manager for Red Bull in Central America and the Caribbean. Documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in Puerto Rico,…

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    Rene Holder

    Illustrator,Animator,Universe Creator

    Trinidadian born Illustrator and Animator who is also the CEO of an emerging new animation studio called Lab 206. His love…

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    New Caribbean Cinema

    New Wave, New Styles, New Directors.

    A new approach to Caribbean film-making, by any means necessary… New Caribbean Cinema is a fresh approach to film-making in the…

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    Marion Girard Cisneros

    I am a freelance journalist and researcher interested in culture for development

    I graduated in Communications Sciences (BA) and International Development Studies (MSc) and since a few years I have been working in…

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    Otisha White

    at one with nature

    Otisha Orneilia White was born on December 6, 1988. She has always been a talented young dancer and artist. Her interest in dance…

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    In Art, as in Life, one must have the courage to burn all bridges and make retreat impossible. I am a Trinidadian actor and…

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    Annie Paul

    writer and editor

    Born and brought up in India ANNIE PAUL has lived in Jamaica since 1988 and is a writer and critic based at the University of the…

  • Roger Caruth

    Caribbean entrepreneur and scholar originally from St. Vincent and the…

    The Museum of the Caribbean Diaspora: A Digital Repository (TM). The Museum of the Caribbean Diaspora (MOTCD) will offer access to…

  • Kim Moses

    Upcoming Advertising & Social Media Guru

    Elegant and sophisticated Description to follow shortly.

  • Sharon

    Reader and writer.

    Landscape and the role it plays in Caribbean creative expression is a source of fascination. I am currently working on my first…

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    Veerle Poupeye

    Art Historian/Curator based in Jamaica

    Veerle Poupeye is a Belgium-born, Jamaica-based art historian and curator specialized in Caribbean art. She is currently Executive…

  • judy abraham

    Commercial music student

    I am currently studying for a degree in Commercial Music. I am a songwriter but I am looking to become involved in music publishing.…

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    Claire Breukel

    Contemporary art curator and writer

    After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Claire Breukel began her career working for the South African Center for…

  • ruth sanajong


    Founder and director of the school for creative writing in Suriname (2008). Organizer of literary projects and festivals. Teacher…

  • National Sinfonia Orchestra

    The vision of the OST&T is to be the driving force for excellence in…

    The vision of the OST&T is to be the driving force for excellence in symphonic music in Trinidad & Tobago

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    Oliver England

    Am a hot, charming, and fun-loving dude....Lol

    Well! Am a hot, charming, fun-loving,energetic and well rounded dude who beleives in seeing things through to the end, because…

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    Brian St. Juste

    Film & Television Producer/Director

    I am a Jamaican Film & Television Producer/Director producing TV Commercials, Documenatries, Training Films and TV Programmes…

  • N.E.TIME intl

    We do Anything at Any Time

    N.E.TIME intl is an all encompassing group of individuals that are here to handle the BIZnass. We have all the skills necessary to…

  • Tony Williams

    Author. journalist and avid book blogger

    I am a freelance journalist, a former editor of the Crusader newspaper in Saint Lucia and a Reuters Fellow (Green College, Oxford).…

  • Kareem J. Carr

    Each one teach one

    "Wah ah gwaan" TriniYardie, as some of my friends will call me being that I'm half and half. And I guess one can…

  • Angelique V. Nixon

    Writer, Poet, Teacher, Community Worker, Cultural Critic

    Angelique V. Nixon is a Bahamian writer, cultural critic, teacher, community worker, and poet. Currently, she teaches in the…

  • Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda


    Neigeme is a Producer/Production Manager, CEO of Studio3210 ltd and Co-director of the acclaimed Caribbean Film Corner. With over 10…

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    A radical politics of the imagination.

    We are a collective of student activists committed to an erotic feminist ethic of care and responsibility, recognising everyone's…

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    Rhonda Frederick

    Associate Professor, English and African & African Diaspora Studies,…

    Rhonda D. Frederick (MA/PhD, University of Pennsylvania) teaches Caribbean and African American, and African Diaspora Studies at…

  • Schebania Cantave

    Artist- Painter-

    Rhythm, value, delight, colorful, fantasies, magic, myth, intuition, unconscious, reveal, perception, response, motif, revelation,…

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    Susan Delvalle

    Arts manager

    Originally from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, I have been working at El Museo del Barrio in New York City for the last nine years.…

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    The Kreativ Space Gallery

    Unleashing the expressive nature of the Jamaican Artist

    The Kreativ Space Gallery is the brainchild of artists, Georgia Wignal and Simone Walters. This art space showcases works from some…

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    Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld

    I do freelance writing on mostly the visual arts sector of Suriname

    I work freelance for Readytex Art Gallery in Suriname ( I write promotional texts, exhibition texts,…

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    Alicia Milne

    Visual Artist

    Alicia Milne is a young visual artist working in Trinidad and Tobago. She was born in 1986 and has lived in Trinidad for all of her…

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